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Brotherton Painting Mold Removal Projects

Mold Removal Projects

Mold growth in the Pacific Northwest is a common occurrence. Many construction sites experience this before insulation and during the winter/spring months due to temperature and climates that spark mold growth. You can find out more information about the mold removal services Brotherton Painting offers.

Check out our portfolio below of mold removal and prevention projects throughout the Puget Sound region.


This project included mold removal and prevention in a 6-story building. Due to rain and the colder temperatures, mold and mildew was heavy and consistent in almost every unit of the building. Our team removed the mold by applying bleach & water and using a specific scrub process to restrict the spread of mold spores. Public areas were sealed off in order to prevent other subs on the jobsite from being exposed to fumes and airborne mold spores. Air scrubber particulate filtration machines were used to filter airborne mold spores.

Alexan Alderwood

A mold removal process was performed on multiple floors of the complex. Due to an incomplete roof and rainfall during the fall/winter months, sections of the interior experienced tremendous mold and mildew growth. Our team put together a mold removal process that prevented any new growth and killed the existing mold. 

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