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Brotherton Painting Professional Painters In Maple Valley

Professional Painters In Maple Valley

Painters in Maple Valley, WA

Maple Valley, Washington has experienced significant growth in the past decade. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city's population increased from approximately 22,000 in 2010 to over 29,000 in 2020, representing an increase of about 32%.

Maple Valley's growth has been driven by its expanding job market, particularly in the healthcare and education industries. The city is home to several medical centers and has a strong public school system that has attracted families to the area.

In addition to its strong job market, Maple Valley has invested in public amenities and infrastructure to support its growing population. The city has expanded its parks and trails network, developed new public spaces, and invested in transportation improvements, including the construction of new roads and bridges.

A well-maintained paint job will maintain and can also increase the value of your home. When it's time to sell, a fresh coat of paint can help make your home more appealing to buyers and increase its market value. Brotherton Painting has a team of skilled painting professional equipped to maintain your home's exterior painting, interior painting, cabinets, wood finishes, and more!


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